Anonymous says: Ppl need to chill with the Lydia and Maddox thing. It'll update when its time to (which is when you want it to)

Haha thank you. I do want to I’ve just not had a lot of time.

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Anonymous says: I like this new story so far. I never read one where two people might become parents and they hardly know each other. This is going to be very interesting

Well it’s not a story necessarily! It’s actually a redux of my old legacy that I lost in a computer crash. They just have little plots for each generation! :3 but I’m glad you like it!

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Anonymous says: when are you going to update Lydia and Maddox?

This week.

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Apollo: "I’m gonna be a dad huh… Well I hope my kid likes the ocean and fishing. I’ll take them out on boats, and teach them how to bait for different fish. I hope they like me … I hope Lanie and I can become closer, I mean we hardly know each other, at least not well enough to raise a child together. Man what a situation."

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Lanie: "I’m sorry.."

Lanie: "They would be so proud of you Apollo."

Apollo: "Lanie…"

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Apollo: "Actually, my mom and my step dad are both dead. They uh, passed away in a car accident a couple of years ago…."

Lanie: "A-apollo I-"

Apollo: "No it’s okay! You didn’t know."

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Lanie: "Don’t go telling your mom she is going to be a grandma just yet."

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Anonymous says: I'd die of laughter if Lanie had triplets xD


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Apollo: "I just want you to know I’ll be there to support you any way I can. I’m not going to abandon you or the baby."

Lanie: "I know Apollo. You’re a great person."

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Apollo: "I’m scared."

Lanie: "Me too.."

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Apollo: "A-are you sure?!"

Lanie: "Well no, not entirely. But i’m pretty positive the pregnancy test didn’t lie. I have a doctors appointment next week to have a final answer.. You’re not mad are you?"

Apollo: "No of course not I just … We barely know each other and I mean we just .. I live on a boat Lanie. I.."

Lanie: "I know it’s a lot to take in, believe me. I just thought you deserved to know. I mean who knows maybe this can work out."

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Lanie: ”So … remember that thing we did a couple of weeks ago?”

Apollo: "Yeah, I promise Lanie i’m not expecting a relationship or something. I-"

Lanie: "No no! It’s not that. It’s just. Well. I think i’m pregnant."

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Lanie: "Thanks for meeting me up here on such short notice."

Apollo: "No, it’s not a problem! What was it you needed to talk about?"

Lanie: "Can we sit down and order some food first? I’m starving."

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