I’ve not been on a lot recently due to real life issues and this will probably continue for quite some time.

I need to take care of myself and focus on being happy again. I hope you guys understand

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What I’m going to start doing is playing on the weekends and queuing things throughout the week because during my week I have so much shit going on between school, work and my basic social life that by the time I’m home I have no desire to load up my game and I play runescape instead lol. But yeah just a heads up :)

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Anonymous says: Where do you get ur cc?? Or like do you have a cc blog? I love your interiors!

I mostly browse mysims3blog. But yes! My cc finds is: www.morrowsims-finds.tumblr.com

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Anonymous says: May I ask what tutorial you followed to make the tattoos?

I followed sim-it-up’s tutorial!

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Lydia’s POV

I couldn’t help but feel like something was terribly wrong. The fact that I couldn’t feel Maddox at all only lead me to think it was because he had returned to his own universe, but how?

I dialed his cell phone number in a feeble attempt to calm my wired nerves. And reassure myself that he hadn’t truly left. Or at least gone anywhere far. I press my phone to my ear, and listened as it began to ring. However seconds later a familiar buzzing caught my attention, and my head snapped towards the fireplace mantle. My heart sunk into the pit of my stomach as I watched his cellphone vibrate, just feet away. I let it ring until his voice mail finally answered, my head still pounded.

"What the fuck is happening?!" I chewed on my lower lip, hot tears streaming down the sides of my face. I let my cellphone slip from my hand and fall to the floor, a million different emotions and scenarios raced through my mind. My two greatest fears were that he left upon his own want, or that Kane had come back to finish what he had started. I felt sick.

bzzzzt bzzzzt

My heart jumped out of my chest as my phone received a text message alert. I snatched the phone from the floor, quickly unlocking it and clicking the message icon. I don’t know what made me think it would be Maddox, especially considering he didn’t even take his phone. But another familiar name glared back at me from the touch screen of my cellphone. 

Hey Lydia, it’s been awhile. Is everything alright? It would be nice to see you sometime! Lets catch up soon.

- Cassiel

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Lydia’s POV

It was 7am, the morning sunlight streaming in through my bedroom window. My head pounded, my bones ached. My body felt like it was recovering from a night of drinking and not the things that had happened between Maddox and I. 


I turned my head to find the spot where he had slept next to me was empty, cold. The sheets neatly made where his body lay last time I recalled, which was just hours before. 

Something  was off, and I could feel myself struggling to breath as I scrambled from our bed, half naked. “M-maddox?” I croaked as I drug myself out to the hallway, opening both the door to the bathroom and to the spare bedroom. Both empty.

My head still pounded. I couldn’t shake the nauseous feeling that bubbled in the pit of my stomach. Even when he wasn’t around I could still feel him. Even miles away, I knew he was still present. I could almost sense where he was and I knew that was because our souls were bound together by contract. The contract I had accidentally initiated almost two years ago.

But I felt nothing, nothing besides symptoms similar to a cold or even the flu. Desperation and anxiety began to fill me up to the brim, I slumped down against a chair on the living room floor.

He was gone.

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finished Lydia’s tattoos. My first time making accessory tattoos! They’re not the best, but I think they came out well for my first try.

Also my graphics are looking a little funky. Not sure why :|

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Anonymous says: i'm happy you decided to stick with the sims 3. i've seen so many blogs completely drop the sims 3 for the sims 4. i'm not saying that it's not a good looking game, but i just don't see anything really great about it pulling me to buy it.

Awe! I don’t plan on leaving, I gave Ts4 a shot like I said I would, and while it was fun, I wasn’t entertained for long and it got really repetitive. I could never leave sims 3.

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Lydia’s transformation! She went from the sim I used as a base to create her, to what she is now. She’s come a long way in the last 4 months because i’m never happy with her haha.

Maddox is going to get tweaked soon as well but his tweaks are never as drastic as hers.

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I tweaked Lydia again. I’m also working on some tattoos for her!

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Anonymous says: Is there a master list somewhere of all the blogs staying with TS3? Think TS4 will burn out and everyone will come back?

Not that I know of. I’m sure people will stick with both! I’m already burnt out with it. I haven’t opened it in days and I’m glad I stood by my decision to not purchase it. Right now though, the game is new and people are still exploring it. Simblr will go through a honey moon phase with ts4 as they did when ts3 came out :)

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Anonymous says: If I download St Claire, will I have to restart my current family? :x

No, you can either move them there in game or do what I do which is save the household to your bin, and start a new save! It keeps your households funds and skills and what not :-)

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St. Claire
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