It’s doneeee. Sorry if it’s swollen and bloody but I fucking love it! It’s on the side of my thigh.

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Apollo: "I just kind of needed to escape, ya know?"

Lanie: "Yeah. I understand completely."

4 days ago (35)

Lanie: "So what brought you to the Island?"

Apollo: "Umm … It’s a long story."

Lanie: "Are you a fugitive?! I won’t tell!"

Apollo: "N-no! Nothing like that."

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"Eh i’m just messing with you! You’re new around here, I like messing around with the newbies on the island. It’s my way of welcoming them!"

Apollo: "O-oh .. Well uh thanks?"

"Don’t mention it!! I’m Lanie by the way."

Apollo: "I’m Apollo."

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Apollo: "H-hey i’m not doing anything wrong ya know .. I have my fishing license. I need to catch them to make a living.."

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"Hey! Stop killing innocent fish!"

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always fishing

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"After I lost my family, all I could think about was getting away from sunlit tides. Living on a boat away from the world, somewhere warm and fish my days away. It was the only way I knew how to cope, and I hoped the Isla Paradiso would leave me with happier memories." 

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As many of you know I had a legacy a few months back that I lost in a computer crash. Well by chance I found a few of their files in an old mediafire account, including the last heir, Apolla Kila!

I’ve decided to revive my beloved legacy starting with Apollo as the founder

Welcome to the Kila’s 2.0

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Look who made it into my game! 

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