Anonymous said: How come you haven't answered my Lydia and Maddox question??? I miss them :/

If we are being honest I’ve deleted almost every anon question about them that I’ve received in the last few days. I get a lot of the same asks about them and I’m just feeling really bombarded with people begging me to post and filling up my ask box just asking when I’m going to post again. I don’t even know when I’m going to post again. I have a lot of things outside of tumblr, and on top of that I really don’t need any more sassy remarks about how I’m only answering questions to drop hits about my story. Which I’m not. Sorry. Like I said the other day, I’ll answer off anon privately. I hope you understand. I just enjoy writing and I would like to continue to enjoy it, so I’m pushing all the things away that are making this less enjoyable for me.

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Anonymous said: Sorry :) as I was writing that I was like is she even interested in TS4?? I couldn't remember! Either way your game is still really pretty :) hope your having a great sunday!

it’s fine! :) I’m sure i’ll get it eventually, but not until we have toddlers back, because I enjoy playing families. Maybe in a year or two! Thank you darling <3 you as well!

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Anonymous said: Your gameplay pics are always so pretty/colorful I can't wait to see what S4 looks like on your computer

Well I don’t plan on buying it really :) I’m going to start playing TS2

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Wednesday bought a plumbot and named her Luna

Anonymous said: Have you ever thought of putting houses up for download? Don't feel pressured or anything, its just your houses are so beautiful! P.s. I love your blog:)

Yeah I actually am thinking about putting some up soon, thank you :)

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Wednesday’s room vs Rose’s room

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